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The power of small, attractive, and many

In 2012, we initiated the ‘100 Microlibraries’ program, with a mission: to make learning attractive and reachable for Indonesia and beyond. Although the 2030 economic forecast for Indonesia is optimistic, the current infrastructure does not support to improve its Human Development Index. Eager-learning students are hindered by the lack of facilities; libraries are far from being popular. The role of beautiful design can make libraries attractive again. Instead of positioning libraries only in the city centers, why don’t we bring libraries into dense urban situations and parks? Since 2016, two microlibraries have been built in Bandung. Four more are in planning, ten concepts are in the making.

In the long run, SHAU envisions the expandability of the Microlibraries in Southeast Asia and the Global South –where similar situations are shared– thus opening mutual collaboration with more architects, sponsors, communities and municipalities.

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