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Photographer KIE_ Architect SHAU-Microli

Microlibrary Warak Kayu

The library is built at Taman Kasmaran, a small square in Semarang. It represents a further step of SHAU’s tropical architecture and material experimentation, being our first building, constructed entirely from wood products available from the client who is owning a wood factory. It is intended to use a great variety of their available materials and products, ranging from plywood for the façade, laminated timber for the load bearing elements and re-used factory wood waste for interior and floor application.


The façade is a construction system based on the ‘Zollbauweise’ which was developed in the 1920’s in Germany. It works as a screen to shade and enables cross ventilation while it has a very distinctive slightly shifted diamond pattern. This pattern reminds of a mythical, local Warak (Dragon) creature, displayed during annual festivals. Hence the name Warak Kayu – Wooden Dragon. Wooden materials need more attention in terms of constructive rain water protection and therefore a large overhanging roof is envisioned. The whole building is elevated, like a traditional ‘rumah panggung’ (house on stilts), freeing the space underneath for activities, a large book stair and a dragon swing for kids. 






91 m²

Semarang, Indonesia

Arkatama Ivara Foundation

Completed 2019

SHAU Indonesia 
Florian Heinzelmann, Daliana Suryawinata, with Rizki Supratman, Muhammad Ichsan, Alfian Reza Almadjid, Timothy Vittorio, and Multazam Akbar Junaedi

Structural Engineer:

Joko Agus Catur Wibowo



RAH Contractor

(construction and assembly)

PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia



Supported by: 
Harvey Center

City of Semarang

2020 Architizer A+A Awards, Popular Choice, Winner

2021 Archdaily Building of The Year, Public & Landscape category, Winner

2021 World Architecture Festival Lisbon, Public and Community & Culture categories, Shortlisted

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