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130 m²

Cirebon, Indonesia

West Java Province, Askrida

Completed 2021

SHAU Indonesia 
Florian Heinzelmann, Daliana Suryawinata, with Rizki Supratman, Aditya Kusuma, Aprilea S. Ariadi, Ryan Azhar, Ben Barukh Kurniawan, Miftah Adisunu Alui, Imam Supratiko 

Structural engineer:

Joko Agus Catur Wibowo


PT Inti Cipta Sejati, PT Dinamis Sarana Utama


Kemala Montesa

Microlibrary Alun-alun Kejaksan Cirebon

As part of SHAU's design for Alun Alun Kejaksan, a microlibrary and a playground are integrated into the square to fulfill educational and play functions. All made of bricks, it has a stepped platform which can be used as seating, while the rooftop is a viewing deck overlooking the square and enable people to obtain a different perspective and overview.


The microlibrary fulfills SHAU’s and the city’s literacy agenda to bring up reading interest in a friendly setting. Both library and playground also diffuse the purpose of the square beyond religious or national events which only happen a few times per year and opens up the functionality for a wider audience and everyday usage.

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