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121.82 m²

Ibu kota Negara Nusantara, Indonesia

Ongoing 2022

SHAU Indonesia 
Florian Heinzelmann, Daliana Suryawinata, with Muhammad Ichsan, Muhammad Arqan Haqqi, Zaky Abdullah Muhammad.

Microlibrary Interfaith

Interfaith library for the religious complex of the new capital. The future part of the Microlibraries series. Reading and gathering space for all which can be used for Interfaith discussion. The circular shape symbolizes perfection, arupadhatu, omega, emptiness, and virtue. Placed in a masterplan designed by Airmas Asri. Designed in collaboration and conversation with APTA, Studio Cilaki 45, Wahana Reka Tekindo, Titik Garis Bidang & Airmas Asri.

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